Alan Kenny

Alan Kenny is an Irish artist whose twenty-year career has involved dramatic periods of stylistic innovations and bracing artistic breakthroughs. Initially a painter in the plain air tradition, his earlier naturalistic landscapes maintained stylistic connections to conventional academic modes of expression. However, Alan's impulse to tame and organise Ireland's recalcitrant countryside by remodelling and regulating elements such as trees, rocks and cloud formations was clearly visible. This technique offered a somewhat uniformed and idealistic appearance of rural Ireland and it was after many years of painting in this fashion that Alan abandoned the strictures of traditional Irish landscape painting to develop his own, American-flavoured dr... read more

Recent Results

Alan Kenny Seascape with Musicians 16" x 12" Oil on Board Result: £650
Alan Kenny Green Lake with Swan 9.5" x 7.5" Oil on Board Result: €600
Alan Kenny The Jester 9.5" x 7.5" Oil on Board Result: €500
Alan Kenny Swan Lake 12" x 10" Oil on Board Result: £400