Angelina Raspel

Angelina Raspel
Born in Northern Ireland in the 1970ís, Angelina has been painting since childhood. After studying in Italy she returned to Ireland to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. As a rising star in the Irish art world Angelina has had a number of sell out exhibitions, most recently at Montmartre gallery Lisburn, Phoenix fine art and the Hylands gallery Belfast.
The style is instantly recognisable full of energy and movement, the dripping paint and flashing brush strokes create a light airy feel that appeals to a wide audience. Oil and acrylic paints are her preferred medium. Despite studying and mastering the delicate techniques of fine art her work has taken on a more loose and primitive feel that has attracted many ne... read more

Recent Results

Angelina Raspel Still Flowers 20" x 27" Oil On Board. Signed. Result: £480
Angelina Raspel Spring Flowers 10" x 10" Oil On Board. Signed Result: £320
Angelina Raspel Flowers in Vase 10.5" x 9" Oil on Board Result: £200