Anton Meenan

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Anton Meenan Ship Wreck - HMS Wasp of Tory Island 23.5" x 48" Oil on board HMS Wasp sinking off Tory Island signed 'Anton Meenan' (lower right), inscribed and dated 'Cursing Stone Turned against HMS Wasp 1884' (lower left) oil on board 23 x 47 in. (58.5 x 119.5 cm.) H.M.S. Wasp was sunk off Tory Island on 22nd September 1884. The ship had come from Sligo apparently to collect island rates long overdue and legend has it that the islanders turned a cursing stone for its demise. At around 3.30am, in calm seas, the boat struck an isolated rock under the lighthouse and went down with the loss over eighty lives. Result: 700