Audrey Smyth

Audrey Smyth A multi media artist from Belfast with a BA Honours in Ceramics and Post Graduate in Fine Art.

Audrey creates charged, atmospheric drawings, using charcoal. An assured hand produces her commanding images; the full range of medium is explored, from intense shadows to soft hazy effects.

The artist's personal interests are reflected in her choice of subject matter- Audrey has an enduring passion for animals. Indeed one of her much-loved interests are her dogs and horses. She enjoys participating in many aspects of the equestrian world, and her experienced eye is apparent from many years in the show ring.

The depersonalised torsos are treated as abstract forms, creating a distinctive mood to her work.

Recent Results

Audrey Smyth Triple Classic II 24" x 36" Charcoal on Paper Result: 300
Audrey Smyth Hat n Coat 32" x 26" Charcoal on paper Result: 260
Audrey Smyth Browned Off 30" x 20" Charcoal and pastel on paper Result: 575
Audrey Smyth Murphy Himself 22" x 30" Charcoal on paper Result: 380
Audrey Smyth Linen Weave 2 20" x 30" Charcoal Result: 300
Audrey Smyth Ebony 15" x 12" Charcoal on Paper Result: 280
Audrey Smyth Female Nude Study 16" x 20" Charcoal on Paper Result: 280