Barrie Cooke

Barrie Cooke (born 1931) is an Irish abstract expressionist painter. He was born in Cheshire, England, and has lived and worked in Ireland since 1954.Cooke travels widely and his richly expressionist, semi-abstract paintings have been strongly influenced by time spent in such far-flung places as Lapland, New Zealand, Borneo and Malaya. Nature in its infinite variety and irresistible flux is his chosen environment and subject matter. He has also, however, painted a number of nudes, as refracted through what Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney has referred to as his 'aqueous vision'. He has collaborated with a number of prominent poets including Heaney and the British Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, both of whom share his fascination with the elemental. ... read more

Recent Results

Barrie Cooke Raw of Rocks and Striper 13" x 12" Oil Result: £3400