Barry Kerr

Barry Kerr Barry Kerr is originally from the southern shores of Lough Neagh, and is currently based in Belfast. Renowned as one of the most outstanding traditional musicians of his generation, Barry has toured and recorded widely. He has transferred his creative expression and talent into the area of visual art with great success. As a self-taught artist Barry is heavily influenced by modern Irish painters such as Basil Blackshaw, Sean Keating and J.B. Vallely.

His work is rooted in his passion for traditional Irish life and he exhibits a "commitment to and empathy with his subjects which makes his work poignantly accessible and credible." Barry has been described as "a conjuror of emotion, capable at one moment of rakish wit and at another of... read more

Recent Results

Barry Kerr Native 2 12" x 10" Oil on Canvas Result: 260
Barry Kerr On the Attack 14" x 12" Oil on canvas Result: 180
Barry Kerr The Bar Room Scholar 12" x 10" Oil on Canvas Result: 900
Barry Kerr Southern Shore, Lough Neagh 20" x 24" Oil on Canvas Result: 700
Barry Kerr The Hounds Of Ulster 20" x 24" Oil on Canvas Result: 500
Barry Kerr Music Man 14" x 10" Oil on Canvas Result: 320
Barry Kerr Donegal Rain 15" x 11" Oil on Board Result: 300