Basil Blackshaw

Basil Blackshaw (RHA RUA) was born in Glengormley, Co. Antrim in 1932. He attended Methodist College Belfast and studied at Belfast College of Art. Upon graduating in 1951, he won a Council for Encouragement of Music and Arts Scholarship to Paris, and in 1961 had a one-person show under their auspices in Belfast.

An Arts Council of Northern Ireland touring exhibition with T.P. Flanagan, ‘Two Ulster Painters’, followed in 1967. A retrospective exhibition was held in the Arts Council Gallery in Belfast in 1974 and he won a major bursary from the council in 1979.

Blackshaw’s work contains many landscape elements, and is often dominated by the passions in his life, horses, dogs, and the world of fanciers and breeders forming an important... read more

Recent Results

Basil Blackshaw Dunadry Banks 11" x 10" Artists Proof Coloured Prints. Result: £240
Basil Blackshaw Blackshaw edited by Eamonn Mallie 12" x 12" 1 x Volume Published in November 2003 Printed by Nicholson & Bass Limited Belfast Signed by Basil Blackshaw & Eamonn Mallie Result: £180