Conor McGuire

Conor McGuires luminous, exquisitely textured paintings pull viewers into virtually timeless visions of his native Western Ireland. Hoping to convey the regions isolation and relatively unchanged picturesqueness, his portraits and landscapes privilege small towns, local characters, pristine nature and traditional music. In these settings, occasional modern details, wristwatches, camera-toting tourists, electronic keyboards, complicate the illusion of isolation. McGuires aesthetic choices reflect this tension between regional vernacular and modern sensibilities, moving between a gentle, impressionist landscape style reminiscent of Monet and an expressionist mode in portraits where the canvas edges blur into abstraction.

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Recent Results

Conor McGuire Cullinmore Beach Races 20" x 24" Oil on canvas Result: 380
Conor McGuire Outside Chance 20" x 25" Oil on canvas Result: 460
Conor McGuire Grafton Street Flowers 20" x 25" Oil on canvas Result: 380