David Johnston

David Johnston Born in Northern Ireland in 1964 and has lived around the Hillsborough area all his life.

From an early age he began sketching and painting, developing a natural talent, and although he has had many major influences from both the Irish and European art world, he has developed his own distinctive style.

He is now a full time artist and has had several successful exhibitions - having exhibited in the Royal Ulster Academy and also the British Isles. His paintings are in private collections throughout Ireland and the USA.

Recent Results

David Johnston White Cat 23" x 23" mixed media Result: 180
David Johnston Still life with Cat 16" x 18" Oil on Canvas Result: 340
David Johnston Chaplin 20" x 16" Oil Result: 325
David Johnston Evening Kinsale 24" x 20" Oil on Board Result: 240
David Johnston Large Nude 40" x 32" Oil on canvas Result: 220
David Johnston Reclining Nude 18" x 16" Oil Result: 200
David Johnston Blue Jug 12" x 10" Oil on Board Result: 225
David Johnston Pink Flowers 16" x 18" Oil on Board Result: 120
David Johnston Rocks, Sea and Sky 14" x 10" Oil on Canvas Result: 40