Dennis Orme Shaw

Born in Cookstown in 1944 and now lives in Kircubbin on the Ards Peninsula.

His style is multi faceted - being almost as varied as his subject matter, which includes vibrant landscape studies, still life, figure studies and musicians.

Orme Shaw executes his paintings using bold and vivid colours while emphasizing the effect of sunshine on the subject matter.

He has won several awards including the Silver Medal Award from the Royal Ulster Academy. Many collections hold examples of his work including those of the Bank of Ireland, the Ulster Bank and the Doyle Hotel Group, Dublin.

Recent Results

Dennis Orme Shaw Carnlough Harbour 21" x 13" Acrylic on Paper Result: 320
Dennis Orme Shaw Fresian Head 12" x 10" Oil on Canvas Result: 300
Dennis Orme Shaw Untitled 20" x 15" Oil Result: 260
Dennis Orme Shaw Sailing Boats at Dusk 14" x 10" Watercolour Result: 240
Dennis Orme Shaw Irish Sunset 14" x 10" Acrylic Result: 240
Dennis Orme Shaw Irish Cottages 12" x 6" Oil on board Result: 180
Dennis Orme Shaw The Marina 24" x 30" Oil on Canvas Result: 600
Dennis Orme Shaw Figure Study 24" x 20" Oil on Canvas Result: 440
Dennis Orme Shaw Fishing Boats, Co Down 28" x 20" Watercolour Result: 400
Dennis Orme Shaw Coney Island 21" x 13" Oil on board Result: 280
Dennis Orme Shaw Cottage by Lake 15" x 11" Watercolour Result: 280
Dennis Orme Shaw Two Figures 12" x 6" Mixed Media Result: 220
Dennis Orme Shaw From a Distance 21" x 14" Watercolour Result: 200
Dennis Orme Shaw Towards Portaferry 21" x 14" Watercolour Result: 220
Dennis Orme Shaw Wee Cottage 12" x 6" Watercolour Result: 180