Desmond Kinney

Desmond Kinney was born in 1934 and studied at Belfast College of Art. In 1960 he opened a highly successful graphic design studio in Belfast.

Being so involved in different worlds of visual art, Kinney retreats regularly to Donegal to live and pursue his easel painting.

At present he is enthralled with memories of a childhood spent in Fermanagh where he was evacuated during World War Two - a time when rural Ireland was still very primitive and small family farms were self sufficient.

Some of his recent paintings have people working in fields and going about their daily lives without the aid of mechanisation. The images are painted from a birdís eye view and are almost naÔve with a surreal feel.

Recent Results

Desmond Kinney Still Life Freesias 24" x 20" Watercolour Result: £160
Desmond Kinney Working the Fields 21" x 21" Oil on Canvas Result: Ä1800