Gladys Maccabe

Gladys Maccabe HRUA ROI FRSA. Born in Randalstown, Co. Antrim in 1918, to an artistic couple - her mother Elizabeth was a designer in the linen business, and her father George Chalmers, a former army officer, was an artist specialising in calligraphy and illumination. One of her ancestors was a famous 18th century Scottish painter, Sir George Chalmers.

She had a picture published in the Royal Drawing Society's magazine when she was 16 years old and went on to study at the Belfast College of Art. In 1941 she married fellow artist and musician, the late Max Maccabe. Gladys and Max exhibited together on many occasions, starting in Ireland at Robinson & Cleaver in Belfast, 1942, and in England at the Kensington Art Gallery in 1949.

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Recent Results

Gladys Maccabe Heading to Church 20" x 24" Oil on canvas Result: 2800
Gladys Maccabe Clown Portrait 20" x 16" Oil on Board Result: 1100
Gladys Maccabe The Garden Party 17" x 27" Oil Result: 1000
Gladys Maccabe Young Jockey 11" x 6" Oil Result: 650
Gladys Maccabe Horse Fair 10" x 14" Oil on Board Result: 1400
Gladys Maccabe Clown and Dog 24" x 20" Oil on Board Result: 1200
Gladys Maccabe Cottage by the Water 15" x 18" Oil on board Result: 750
Gladys Maccabe Feeding the Hens 14" x 18" Oil on canvas Result: 440