James Bingham

James Bingham was born in Belfast (1925-2009). He spent thirty years in London working as a signwriter with his brother. In 1967 he returned to Belfast where he met Dan O'Neill. They became friends and from 1968 James worked with Dan in his studio until his tragic death in 1974.

Since then, James Bingham has gone from strength to strength. Now in his Eighties, he still works ten hours a day in his studio as he refines his unique artistic genius into paintings full of joy, narrative sophistication and original colour palettes. A true original.

Recent Results

James Bingham Clown 24" x 20" Oil Result: 360
James Bingham Clown 25.5" x 21.5" Gouache Result: 300
James Bingham Digging Turf 19" x 24" Oil on Board Result: 650
James Bingham Cottage by the Sea 13" x 30" Oil on Board Signed Result: 400
James Bingham The Romany's 23" x 18" Oil on Board - Signed Result: 280