Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy's latest work are inspired by the violent and stormy seas around dingle Bay, County Kerry. Her Armada series convey great energy and movement in a realistic and bold composition. Her Portrait series convey strength of character whilst still retaining gentleness and soft lines as seen in "Femme Fatale".

As a student at Laurel Hill Secondary school, Limerick, Jenny entered and won the 1990 AIB Artist of the year award. This was followed by the AIB Tony O'Malley (RHA) award in 1991, whose personal tution further inspired her contemporary abstract art. The awards were for her works "Dolphins in Pastel", a study of water and movement, and "Church Study" a detailed interior of church stained glass, in pencil.

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Recent Results

Jenny McCarthy Armada Series 30" x 40" Oil Result: 550