John Kingerlee

John Kingerlee Born in Birmingham in 1936.

In the late 1950's he met his wife Mo. John became a gardener and worked in Gloucestershire for the next few years in the Rudolf Steiner homes teaching children with learning difficulties gardening. At this time John was writing poetry. In 1960 they moved to Yorkshire and John managed an organic Flour Mill.

In 1962 John and his wife Mo and their family moved to Warwickshire and he started painting. During this time he worked in a nursery as a gardener. John rose at 4am every morning and painted until 6am before he went to work.
It was in 1962 when he decided to become a full time artist.

The Family then moved to Cornwall near Mevagissey where John continued to paint. He had his first solo exhibit... read more

Recent Results

John Kingerlee Untitled 14" x 14" Oil on board Result: 4500
John Kingerlee Miracle of Light 12" x 15" Oil on canvas Result: 1400
John Kingerlee Rocks and Figure 8" x 10.5" Mixed media Result: 900
John Kingerlee Figures at Dusk 8" x 11.5" Mixed media on board Result: 550
John Kingerlee Landscape 5" x 8" Oil on board Result: 500
John Kingerlee Memory 1 8.5" x 10.5" Mixed Media Result: 550
John Kingerlee Head Study 8.5" x 10" Mixed Media Result: 550
John Kingerlee Kilcatherine 8" x 6" Oil on paper Result: 280
John Kingerlee After Dark 6.5" x 5.5" Mixed media Result: 220
John Kingerlee Break Up 6" x 8" Mixed Media Result: 200
John Kingerlee The Challenge 9" x 6" Oil on paper Result: 200