John Schwatschke

John SCHWATSCHKE is an Irish-born (Dublin, 1943) portrait painter of Austro-Irish parents. His original ambition was to be a concert pianist and composer, and he gave three piano recitals of classical works and his own compositions in Waterford, Vevey and Tours. However, his friendship with the Irish President de Valera (whom he painted as Chancellor of the National University) after leaving school, led to the President persuading him to “do one thing and do it well”, which he thought should be art. Schwatschke took this advice and continued to record his works meticulously.

Meanwhile, his business career, after studying Architecture in Dublin, led to a management position in the Middle East, where he managed, as Project Manager, two Sa... read more

Recent Results

John Schwatschke The Waiting Room 19" x 22" Oil On Canvas With Certificate Of Authenticity Result: £500
John Schwatschke The Bus Stop 20" x 16" Oil on Canvas Result: €550
John Schwatschke Waiting for Agnes 16" x 12" Oil on Canvas Result: €340