Leo Casement

Leo started painting at an early age and excelled at art during his school days, even selling paintings while he was still at school! After leaving school he went to Dublin to paint portraits and street scenes as a living. He then moved to London and continued to paint but had to take part time jobs in gardening and engineering to help finance his stay but his first love was always art.

He then moved to France and after a period of time returned home to Ireland. He had his first exhibition in Northern Ireland in 1977 in Downpatrick which was very successful with commissions to follow but felt he wasn't finished travelling and left again for France, travelling through Normandy and continuing to paint. He tried a spell in Paris but f... read more

Recent Results

Leo Casement Hurricane Fly 2012 16" x 12" Oil on Board Result: 380
Leo Casement Davey Russell, Downpatrick Races 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas Result: 250
Leo Casement Neck and Neck 25.5" x 19" Oil on board Result: 170
Leo Casement Red Rum 25.5" x 19" Oil on board Result: 160