Neil Shawcross

Neil Shawcross was born in Kearseley, Lancashire in 1940. He attended Bolton College of Art between 1958-60. After a brief period of part-time teaching in Lancaster and at Morcambe Grammar School, he came to Belfast in 1962 as a part-time lecturer at the Colllege of Art. He has remained in Ulster ever since, and teaches foundation studies at the Art and Design College. Shawcross`s gentle childlike approach has won him many admirers, and his work has been influential on many of his past students. He became an associate of the Royal Ulster Academy in 1975 and an Academician in 1977 and has been awarded several Gold Medals. Shawcross was commissioned by the Ulster Museum for a portrait of the novelist Francis Stuart in 1978. In 1979 he was com... read more

Recent Results

Neil Shawcross Poppies 63" x 44" Acrylic on handmade paper Result: 4600
Neil Shawcross Belfast Telephone 2 20" x 27" Oil on paper Result: 900
Neil Shawcross Apples 13.5" x 15.5" Result: 600
Neil Shawcross Grid Still Life 32" x 37" Mixed Media Result: 1800
Neil Shawcross Still Life Chairs 32" x 38" Acrylic on paper Result: 1700
Neil Shawcross Still Life 16" x 19" Mixed Media Result: 1500
Neil Shawcross Still Life Telephone 18.5" x 26" Mixed Media Result: 1500
Neil Shawcross Belfast Telephone 18.5" x 25.5" Oil on Paper Result: 1050
Neil Shawcross Peroni 8" x 6" Mixed Media Result: 750
Neil Shawcross Black and White Still Life 10" x 12" Acrylic on paper Result: 380
Neil Shawcross Penguin Books 18" x 18" Limited Edition Print signed by the Artist Result: 220