Noel Shaw

Noel Shaw has had a 25 year career as a professional artist, moving from an apprenticeship as a lithographic artist to become one of Belfast's leading designers and illustrators.
After working for many printing and advertising companies including 7 years spent in the Art Studio of the Belfast Telegraph Noel moved to the County Antrim countryside where he pursued his interest in breeding and rearing trout.
It was at this time that he began to take a serious interest in oil painting as a means of recording the rural life he loved so well, especially the characters and customs of a time gone-by.
His paintings are full of nostalgia; with glimpses of a gentler time, now sadly gone forever, but within most peoples memory.
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Recent Results

Noel Shaw Country Scene 14" x 18" Oil Result: 420
Noel Shaw Soda Farls 18" x 24" Oil on Canvas Result: 900