Peter Knuttel

Peter Knuttel was born in 1945. He studied in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and since then has achieved international recognition for his etchings and watercolours. Peter is one of Irelands best known watercolourists and print makers. He is a founder member of the Graphic Studio in Dublin and has advised on the setting up of printmaking studios throughout Europe, most recently in Florence.

Peter has exhibited widely at home and abroad. He represented Ireland in a number of international print and watercolour biennial exhibitions. He has had many one-man shows in cities such As London, Bath, Cork and Dublin. and has had 3 sell out exhibitions in The Green Gallery.

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Recent Results

Peter Knuttel Muckish, Co Donegal 21" x 29" Watercolour on paper Signed Result: 380
Peter Knuttel Connemara Light 14" x 21" Watercolour on paper Signed Result: 380