R B Higgins

While many of R B Higgin’s paintings are pure landscape, equally, many are of shooting scenes, for Bertie has been immersed in field sports all his life. He is an avid game shot manages to put as any birds in the bag each season as he puts on canvas.

“I get a lot on inspiration from going shooting” says Bertie, “While I’m standing there waiting for the birds to break, I’ve got lots of time to take in everything around me, to capture the scene and its colours in my mind’s eye.”

This special combination of natural talent, love of his subject matter, an eye for colour and detail and a vibrancy of character that transposes itself from the man to his art, certainly makes for success.

Bertie first went professional over twenty years a... read more

Recent Results

R B Higgins Cottages in the Glens 18" x 24" Oil on canvas Result: €220
R B Higgins Autumn Day 8" x 14" Watercolour Result: €120