Rosaleen Davey

Rosaleen Davey Born in Belfast in 1947, she studied at the Ulster College of Art and at Leeds University.

Between 1971-1975 she worked as an administrative and research assistant at the National Gallery, London.

She won the Claremorris Open Exhibition in 1990, as well as numerous bursaries and awards from the Arts Councils of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Rosaleen Davey’s work, at times figurative, at times abstracted to geometric three-dimensional forms, and at times reduced to empty, contained spaces, has always had a haunted, puzzling enigmatic quality which reaches beyond the representation of the moment. For many years Davey’s main concern has been a near scientific investigation of light and its effect on stationery objects.

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Recent Results

Rosaleen Davey Abstract 29" x 29" Acrylic on Board Result: €1400
Rosaleen Davey Notional VII 29" x 29" Acrylic on Board Result: €1400
Rosaleen Davey Quibble 14" x 14" Acrylic on Board Result: €675
Rosaleen Davey Light Light 12" x 12" Acrylic Result: £240