Stella Steyn

Stella Steyn (1907–1987) was an Irish artist of Jewish heritage. She was born in Dublin in 1907 to dentist William Steyn and Bertha Jaffe, who met and married in Limerick, having moved to Ireland from the town of Akmene on the borders of Latvia and Lithuania.
Stella Steyn studied at Alexandra College and the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art. In 1926, in the company of her mother and fellow artist Hilda Roberts, she went to Paris to study at the Académie Scandinave and at La Grande Chaumière. She enrolled at the Bauhaus in Germany in 1931 and is the only known Irish artist to have studied at the Bauhaus, the famous Art and Design School in Germany. While in Paris she met Samuel Beckett, as well as James Joyce, who later asked her to provid... read more

Recent Results

Stella Steyn Forest Clearing 8" x 10" Watercolour, stamped Atelier Steyn Result: £80
Stella Steyn Female Pose 11" x 7" Oil on Board Result: €260
Stella Steyn Flowers 7" x 6" Oil Result: £140
Stella Steyn The Master 8" x 11" Chalk Result: €80