Tony Lynch

Tony Lynch Born in Dublin, Tony Lynch travelled to London in his early 20s for work as a graphic designer and freelancer designer. It was here he developed his passion for photography and painting, drawn by the candid elements of life. His freelance work in London in the 60s brought him to many creative mediums including cartoon and illustration work.

Life took Tony to Germany in the late 60s where he worked as a freelance designer and for graphic design agencies, eventually moving to Bern in Switzerland where he lived for a period.

He returned to Ireland in the 1970s and in the following years studied at the National College of Art and Design. His freelance work allowed Tony the opportunity to paint more and to develop his passion for painting... read more

Recent Results

Tony Lynch Cafe, South Anne Street 20" x 24" Oil on Canvas Result: £550
Tony Lynch DUBLIN 24" x 20" Oil on Canvas Result: £480
Tony Lynch Grand Canal 20" x 16" Oil on Canvas Result: £460