Wycliffe Egginton

Landscape painter in Oil and Watercolour. Born in Birmingham on the 12th. October 1875. Educated in Birmingham and Wallasey. Exhibited at the Royal Academy,
Royal Institute, Paris Salon, and in the Provinces. Elected R.I. 1913, R.Cam.A. 1926, Represented in several public collections. One-man shows were held at The Fine Art Society. Lived at Teignmouth in Devon for many years and died in June 1951. He was the father of Frank J. Egginton also A highly talented and collected Artist.

Recent Results

Wycliffe Egginton Evening Near Newtonstewart 10" x 14" Watercolour Result: 600
Wycliffe Egginton Sunset 20" x 28" Watercolour Result: 460